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  • STD or STI: What’s the Difference


    April is Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month. Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs (sometimes called sexually transmitted infections, or STIs) affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and from all walks of life. In the U.S. alone there are approximately 20 million new cases each year, about half of which occur among youth ages 15-24 years. STD […]

  • 6 Tips to Prevent Spring Sports Injuries


    Spring sports have begun! We want to give you some tips to avoiding injuries this season for both you and your children: 6 Tips to Prevent Spring Sports Injuries: 1) Get a sports physical: While usually required, even if they are not, it is a good idea to receive a physical to screen for any possible issues or […]

  • Seasonal Allergies or a Cold?


    Spring has sprung in the northeast, and apart from the trick snowfall we’re experiencing on the first official day of spring (very funny, Mother Nature)- for allergy sufferers this can mean the start of misery season  for folks who suffer from seasonal allergies. Often, allergy symptoms are confused with a cold or flu since many […]

  • 8 Top Warning Signs of a Heart Attack


    February is National Heart Health Month. Heart disease can be controlled, even in those with genetic risk factors. There are always things you can be doing, especially if you are at risk for heart disease to help prevent heart disease or a heart attack. That being said, knowing the top warning signs of a heart attack is critical […]

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