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  • November is Diabetes Awareness Month

    Together We Can Stop Diabetes - American Diabetes Association

    November is Diabetes Awareness month and at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Danbury we want you to be aware of  the danger signs of diabetes. As of 2014 National Diabetes Association statistics,  in the U.S alone, over 25 million people suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that of those 25 million, about half of them […]

  • This Years Flu Shot Expected to Be More Effective Than Last Years


    The bad news: As many found out the hard way, last year’s flu shot wasn’t as effective as it’s been in previous years. The good news:  This year’s version should do a much better job protecting people against the flu, federal health officials are saying. An analysis of the most common strains of flu virus that are […]

  • Flu Shots for Adults Could Help Protect Seniors

    flu-shots-for adults-could-protect-seniors

    According to a new study out of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, when healthy adults under age 65 get a flu shot  theres’s a good chance they may also be helping older adults in their communities avoid the flu as well. Researchers are finding the odds of having a flu-related illness were 21 percent lower among seniors […]

  • Is My Child Having An Allergic Reaction to a Bee Sting


    As we turn from late summer into early fall we see bee’s getting more aggressive. This is not your imagination. As bees, especially yellow jackets, get close to the end of their season and are preparing to die off, they get angry, and are more likely to display aggressive behavior than throughout the first few […]

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