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  • Is My Child Having An Allergic Reaction to a Bee Sting


    As we turn from late summer into early fall we see bee’s getting more aggressive. This is not your imagination. As bees, especially yellow jackets, get close to the end of their season and are preparing to die off, they get angry, and are more likely to display aggressive behavior than throughout the first few […]

  • Back to School: Staying Healthy In and Out of the Classroom


    Back to School: Staying Healthy In and Out of the Classroom Kids spend more time at school during the year than anywhere else, and while every parent knows the back to school season is filled with shopping excursions, new school supplies and other preparations, there is one other important thing many people forget. It’s time […]

  • How to Treat Swimmer’s Ear


    AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Danbury physician Dr. Evangeline Specht tells us how to treat swimmer’s ear. It’s summer, the kids are swimming, and we have been seeing a lot of people coming into our urgent care centers with ear aches . The big question parents usually ask is ‘Is it swimmer’s ear or an ear infection’. […]

  • Sunburn and UVA Protection


    July is UV Awareness Month Sunburn should not be taken lightly.   Most  people don’t  realize that skin cancer a is the most common cancer in the United States The good news  however, is that skin cancer is  preventable. UV Prevention tips: 1) Apply a good amount of broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater. Dermatologists recommend […]

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