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  • Immigration Physicals Expedited at Doctors Express Danbury


    For those entering the country, and vacationing abroad, Doctors Express is now able to offer simplicity to the often complex process of the health care component of international travel, and the immigration and citizenship process. Because Dr. Thomas Brown, Medical Director of both Doctors Express Urgent Care Danbury and Doctors Express Urgent Care West Hartford […]

  • Urgent Care vs Emergency Room Survey

    We want to hear from you! We’d love if you can take a few minutes to complete this short urgent care survey.  We’d like to gain insight on your thoughts on Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers to help us serve you better.  

  • Find Out If You Have Strep Throat: A Doctors Express Danbury Medical Minute

    Find out if you have strep throat

    At Doctors Express Urgent Care in Danbury we have a lot of people walking in with sore throats, especially in the winter months. Throat infections are common, but there is often confusion over whether you suffer from a strep infection, or a viral infection. How to know if you have strep throat? Strep throat is […]

  • Know the Symptoms of Hypothermia


    Let’s stay safe in this frigid  winter weather. Watch our Doctors Express Medical Minute to find out how to know the symptoms of hypothermia and steps to take to treat it if you or a loved one has hypothermia. What is hypothermia? When exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than […]

Find out if you have strep throat

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