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  • Do I Need Stitches?


    Summer has begun and the kids are outside playing more than during the school year. More skin wounds occur between June and September than any other time during the year. If your child falls and gets a cut what do you do? Sometimes it’s hard to know if stitches are the answer.  Fortunately, our Doctors Express Medical Minute […]

  • Is it a Sprain or a Fracture?


    At Doctors Express Danbury we often have people walking…or limping!- in to our urgent care centers  unsure if they have a sprain or a fracture. After a long winter of hibernation and too much snow, everyone is eager now to get out and play. Sometimes, however , we play too hard and sustain injuries, especially […]

  • Seasonal Allergies Predicted to Be Bad This Year in Danbury


    Here at Doctors Express Danbury we are already seeing people walking in with seasonal allergy symptoms, earlier this year than usual. Seasonal allergies are predicted to be bad this year in Danbury and throughout the northeast. Why? Allergies are expected to be worse than ever this year due to the extreme cold weather we’ve experienced […]

  • Urgent Care vs Emergency Room Survey

    We want to hear from you! We’d love if you can take a few minutes to complete this short urgent care survey.  We’d like to gain insight on your thoughts on Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers to help us serve you better.  

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